Initial Steps

Before you begin, please read the following

  1. Please use the Contact Form in the About Us page to message me your details such as

    1. Contact Email ID
    2. Name
    3. Website you are using this for
    4. Whether you would like to see your Website listed in the Partners page as an example for others to see how you implemented the API’s.

    These data are needed just in case I need to contact you in the future, if there are any updates / changes to the API.

  2. All data provided by the API’s are correct to the best of my knowledge, and taken from Official Syro Malabar sources. As this is a one-man venture to provide free Syro Malabar resources, in case you find any mistakes / errors, please feel free to contact me regarding that.

  3. Now you can choose one of the Widget functionality from the Getting Started section to begin implementing your widget.