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This website was created with mainly 2 purposes in mind :


To provide the Liturgical information, whether it be the various Feasts of the day, Seasonal info of the day, Bible Readings for the day, etc., all together in one single website, and to help people easily access these information. 


Provide easy to use, and free API’s for website developers & App developers to incorporate the various information to their parish website. information like Seasonal info’s, main feasts, etc. can be added to their application, free of charge. While different Christian groups have their own free API’s, I noticed that the Syro Malabar community lacked such modern necessities to provide information to the masses. Hence why I created this website.

Please note, even though this website uses contents from the Syro Malabar official documents, this website is not an official Syro Malabar website. This website was crafted independently using publicly available data, with maximum accuracy and checks possible.  You can call this website as part of the Syro Malabar Unofficial Digital Ministry  😉

Couple of the websites that uses the SyroCalendar API’s are :

If you have any suggestions / opinions / or need to use the API’s for your project, please feel free to contact me via the Contact Form.


Once again, thank you for visiting SyroCalendar! 

Toshen M. Thomas


Other Projects

MADELY Malayalam, Manglish & Suriyani Christian Devotional Song Lyrics


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