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Bible Readings are from the Syro Malabar Panchangam.
(Readings for the Years 2015 – 2035)

Liturgical Bible Readings

SET 2 (New Qurbana)

Use this tool to get the Syro-Malabar Liturgical Bible Readings for the Holy Qurbana for today, and for any days of the year! This web tool fetches data from the official Syro Malabar Panchangam, and follows the rules prescribed in it to predict the Bible Readings for the future years. Just use the Date Selector to choose your required date and view the Bible Readings for the Day.  Some days might have multiple sets of readings. These are during days of special festivities. If your church celebrates that event, take the readings for that. 

Please note, this website is not an official site of Syro Malabar, but the data in it are made sure to be as accurate as possible. 

To use the official Syro Malabar Liturgical Readings website, click here