Bl. Kunjachan

വാഴ്‌ത്തപ്പെട്ട തേവര്‍പറമ്പില്‍ കുഞ്ഞച്ചന്‍


01 April 1891


07 April 1891


17 December 1921


16 October 1973

Servant of God

11 August 1987


22 June 2004


30 April 2006

Augustine was born on 1 April 1891, at Ramapuram in Travancore (present-day Kerala, India). He was the son of Itty Iype and Eliswa of the Thevarparambil clan, which was a branch of the Kuzhumpil lineage. Among the five children born to those parents, Augustine was the youngest. On the seventh day the child was baptized in his home parish, Ramapuram. The child was given the name Augustine, in respectful remembrance of the patron saint of the parish.

Augustine received his primary education at a school sponsored by the government of Travancore. He advanced to St. Ephrem’s School in Mannanam where his religious faith intensified, compelling him to pursue a career as a priest. After completing in secondary education at St Ephrem’s School, Augustine embarked on a jounery on foot from Ramapuram to Changanacherry in order to enroll in St Thomas Minor Seminary. After receiving his major seminary formation at Puthenpally Seminary in Varapuzha, Augustine was ordained as a priest on July 16, 1915.

After a brief period of serious illness Kunjachan died on 16 October 1973 at the age of 82. At his death the children and others told that `a saint has passed away’. At his funeral the priest who preached the panegyric, spoke well of his holiness in life, apostolic zeal, kindness of heart, love for the poor and other outstanding virtues. And towards the end of the speech he said to the surprise of all, “we are participating in the funeral of a saint. We have one more mediator in heaven.” Kunjachan had the reputation of a holy man even while he was alive. People irrespective of caste and religion, used to approach him in their manifold needs and they got favours through his prayers and blessings. Within a few days after his death his tomb at Ramapuram became a centre of pilgrimage for people from far and wide.

(compiled from multiple sources)

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