Marth Mariam, Protectress of Crops

വിളവുകളുടെ സംരക്ഷകയായ പരി. കന്യകാമറിയം

Feast of Blessed Virgin Mary, the Protectoress of Crops

The perfect rhythm of creation became upset and the earth became totally barren due to the sin of our first parents. But Isho’s death on the Tree of Life – restored the lost balance of creation and thus the earth became again fruitful. The consent of Mariyam is instrumental to this balance restoration. Mariyam is thus called to be the most fruitful field.

Thus Church has entrusted their spiritual but also material and temporal life to the protection of Blessed Virgin Mariyam. It became a custom to offer the first fruits to our Lady.


“For a good climate, a fruitful year, an abundant harvest and the prosperity of the whole world, through the intercession of the holy Virgin Mary, we implore You:
Have mercy on us, O Lord.” (1)

“On this beautiful feast day,
we praise the Virgin Mary,
Mother of the Son of God,
He who is our Holy Lord.

May He, the Sea of mercy,
grant His servants rich graces,
banish all their afflictions,
and give peace and health to all.” (2)

(1) Excerpt from the East-Syriac ‘Karozutha’ of the Ramsha hour of liturgy
(2) Excerpt from the East-Syriac ‘Onitha D’Lelya’ of the Lelya hour of liturgy

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